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When I decided to try out vegetarianism for a month, it was driven mostly by curiosity. It’s not difficult to make a commitment to our planet by driving an economy car, recycling, turning off lights, or the eyesore plastic wrap over my single-pane windows. Those things are easy, and there are still things I could do better (like reusable bags over plastic bags – I even own the reusable bags).

But to make a radical lifestyle change in the name of reducing your carbon footprint? I thought it would involve skipped meals and starvation, dreams of cheeseburgers, and a daily countdown in anticipation of the end.

And to my (and most of my friends’) great surprise, that’s not how it went at all. Instead, I learned a lot about my own dietary habits and made a lot of changes that are nothing but healthy.

I mean, it’s not difficult to improve when your diet is at a rock bottom state consisting almost exclusively of gummy bears and a cheeseburger every other day.

I quickly learned that a lot of food that contains meat can be reproduced in equivalent or better forms without meat. I learned that if I wanted to eat a varied diet, I was going to have to actually produce my own food (most fast food restaurants have only one vegetarian option, if they have one at all). I learned that scrambling an egg or making an omelet takes roughly the same amount of time as preparing a lean cuisine. I discovered the avocado, quinoa, and hummus.

All in all, in the past month I cooked more than I have collectively in my entire life. I got out of work late one day and was driving past a strip mall on my way home thinking to myself that I needed to eat something. I chose the grocery store over my usual fast food haunts.

I feel better than I ever have before, I’m eating better food, I eat out less which means I spend less money on food, I get the satisfaction of feeling like a better person for it, and generally I find it to be an enjoyable challenge.

So really, there’s no good reason not to continue on. Just one more month :-)

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