Making a Light Box!

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This is something I’ve been meaning to do for months, ever since I discovered it could be done from this article. Light boxes are something that are touted as invaluable by a lot of people who sell products – namely the Etsy crowd I’ve become a part of lately. But they’re expensive to buy, so instead I’ve been trucking outside with white cardboard and my camera to take pictures in sunlight (which can be hard to come by in Pittsburgh). But soon it’s going to be winter, and I really hate being cold, so I took the plunge and built my own.


So I started with a square cardboard box that happened to be sitting in my basement. I marked out and cut square 1.5 inches from the edges (as opposed to the 2 inches recommended in the article I linked above). I finished these edges with masking tape so that they weren’t raw cardboard.




Rather than gluing white card inside to make the interior white, I simply spray painted it. After that was all said and done, I put a piece of bristol board in the box so that it had a slight curve, and I taped cheap white muslin over the top and the two sides. That was it! With the exception of letting spray paint dry, the whole thing took under an hour:

It doesn’t look too pretty, but when you turn the light on it makes photos like this:

Definitely my favorite new toy! Time to start playing with lights that aren’t my desk lamp and trying some side lighting.

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