An update to my “internet look”

Posted on Feb 23, 2012 in Blogging | 0 comments

These days it seems most young professionals have websites where people can go to find a resume and a little bit of information about them. And sure, I have a lot of content all over the internet, but it’s spread out across a variety of disconnected pages. I wanted a place to tie it all together so that if someone does happen to be curious about me, they can find most of what they want to know in one place. So I spent some time revamping the crappy hub I had set up on the root of this domain name – Because The World is Round.

So go have a look :-) and while you’re there, find me two more things that that inspire me, because the list I tried to make of 10 has only blossomed into eight. And I know that there are at least ten, they’re just not coming to me right now.


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