You’re never too old for friendship bracelets…

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Especially when you can use your decades-old friendship-bracelet-making expertise to create the ultimate anti-tangle headphones! It really does work – these headphones are now completely untanglable (yeah, not a word), with the added special bonus of adorable little aluminum charms. I’m sort of in love with this idea.

 friendship bracelet headphones

The idea was not mine – I found it on Pinterest (oh, how that site has changed my life), which led me to this link from Apartment Therapy. However, I couldn’t resist trying it myself! The knot is super simple, I call it mermaid beads, evidently everyone else calls it the Chinese Staircase. A rose is a rose is a rose.

Some general thoughts on how to do this yourself:

1) You’ll need a boat load of embroidery floss – don’t even bother to measure it out, work in whole skeins. Mine was cheap 8 meter skeins from a variety pack – this project took about 2.5 skeins, but some of that thread was sacrificed to a catastrophic tangle accident.

2) Speaking of tangling, your thread will tangle. You have two options. You could work with short, managable pieces of thread and add a new piece every time you run out. I don’t like to do that – it’s cumbersome adding on new pieces of thread and it adds a little bulky spot everywhere you do it.  So what I did was wind the entire skein onto one of those little cards that you wrap embroidery floss onto (do those things have a name?) and I used the card as the free end. This makes it way harder to tangle your thread and you just unwind a little more every few knots. Worked like a dream. Except for that time I did get my thread tangled. But I dropped it, so I don’t blame the card.

3) Apartment Therapy said to coat the ends of the embroidery floss with clear nail polish to prevent fraying – what I think they meant was to to trim the last knot very short and put a dab of clear polish on it so as to seal it and prevent unraveling. But even if that’s not what they meant, do it anyway!

This took a ridiculously long time and it’s probably longer than all the “Chinese Staircase” bracelets I’ve ever made put end to end. But so worth it. You should all seriously try this.

Something that might make it go faster? And my next plan – using a hair wrapping technique rather than the Chinese staircase – less knotting more wrapping = quicker results.

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