Two For the Price of One – A Sundress and a Skirt

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So I took one of my car-less friends from medical school to Joann Fabrics this weekend – I wasn’t really planning on buying anything but then I found this. Pre-shirred fabric! I didn’t even know this existed, and I don’t usually fall for the expensive fabrics (This feels sort of like cheating – I should shirr my own fabric, right?). But I fell in love with the print, and couldn’t help myself. I don’t think I’ve actually ever worn anything in lime green before…

At the cutting counter, the woman warned me how “expensive” the fabric was – at $21.50 a yard. Sure, that’s a lot more than I usually spend on fabrics, but is it really that expensive? With my 50% off coupon A 32 inch slice of fabric cost me $9.60 and I got a dress and a skirt out of it. I watched project runway this week – where the designers were making “affordable” clothing – which apparently means things that retail for $300 to $500. My prom dress didn’t even cost $300. And watching designers complain about having to make a garment with a mere $48 worth of fabric – well, there’s a cultural disconnect there.

Regardless, the dress is made with shirred print cotton from joann and bias bound at the top and bottom using a basic white cotton. The skirt was made from the cutoff on the bottom – which ended up being a 62 inch piece of pretty purple. Gathered and sewn onto a basic white cotton waist band with a button closure. I salvaged a zipper from an old blouse for the dress and a button from the same blouse for the skirt. So $9.60 plus the cost of thread for two pieces – I call that affordable, forget you Project Runway!

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