Burdastyle – Ruby Shorts

Posted on Aug 24, 2012 in 52 Weeks of Sewing, Projects | 0 comments

I bought the Ruby Shorts pattern a while ago with the intent to make them at the beginning of the summer… in any case, the weather forecast for this weekend in Pittsburgh is 91 degrees, so it’s not over yet!

As for the pattern, oh Burdastyle, why why why? Perhaps I’ve been spoiled since childhood with Simplicity and McCall’s precise and dumbed-down instructions, but would it really hurt you to adequately explain a welt pocket? Or how to sew the rest of the pattern for that matter? The instructions may as well have just read “sew all the pieces together.” With that said, even without proper instructions they were straightforward to put together.

This pair is made of “Linen Look” fabric (I think that means something cheap and synthetic that looks like linen but doesn’t wrinkle as much?). The only diversion I made from the actual pattern was to line it as well as to shorten the legs by about 2 inches. Next time I might cut it to a 38 instead of a 36 – I always forget that Burdastyle patterns actually run true to size.

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