Tetris Dress!

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Because who doesn’t want a tetris dress in their closet?

Oh man, this dress. I can’t even remember how long it’s been in progress. It’s the kind of project you take on, knowing it will take forever and that it has the potential to be a complete disaster.

It’s actually made of seven T-Shirts (I have so much extra clothing, I’m totally on the refashion bandwagon), cut into little 3×3 inch squares, and basically quilted together. This is where I knew the project was sort of dangerous – that much seaming on that much stretchy fabric = lots of potential for a dress that hangs super funky. And you can see it in the pictures, it does kind of hang funky. I’m still at a loss as to how to fix that. More water and more pressing is the best idea I have so far.

The bodice is loosely based on Simplicity 2176. Except I sewed it in jersey knit, rather than the recommended not-so-stretchy fabrics. And I didn’t line it. And I didn’t put a zipper in. I tried to be smart and cut it to the 6 rather than my usual 10 thinking that would account for the stretch of the fabric – not so! I had to take it in another 2 inches at the end to get it to fit.

I don’t usually show you the insides, but serging makes things look so pretty! And it shows you the amount of seaming involved – quilters, you have so much patience.






More pictures in the gallery below :-)





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