Sewing for Baby (not mine!)

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Last week my boyfriend became an uncle for the very first time to a little girl called Olivia. I’ve never had an excuse to sew baby clothes before so naturally, I was thrilled!

Things like extended days at a DMV trying to renew my car registration meant this took me slightly longer than I had hoped, but here’s the bounty:

This one is my favorite – made from a beautiful pink fabric (it might be silk) pulled from my mother’s 25-year-old stash (more on that find later). The embroidery is back stitch and was done by hand using a font I printed on stabilizing paper.

It was my first time using stabilizing paper as the design template for embroidery and it was amazing! No more trying to chalk designs onto fabric or any business like that – I’m going to start adding embroidery to everything I own!

The pattern was McCall’s M6015, which was a pretty good pattern. I cut it to the 3 month size but I’m pretty sure it’s bigger than that (which would be consistent with the way McCall’s and Simplicity sizes run…). Then again, I also have no idea how babies are shaped/sized so I don’t really have room to judge. But it went together easily, instructions made sense, and the only modification I made was that I did not line the skirt as called for.


This dress was actually the first one I made and it came from a free pattern from Amy at Naptime Crafters. I didn’t quite follow all the instructions (for better or worse), but I love the result! The halter neck only happened because I accidentally sewed a button hole in an entirely incorrect place on the straps, but sometimes mistakes turn out nice new ideas :-)

The fabric was more from my mother’s old stash – fabric I for some reason remember, but I can’t remember for the life of me what it was from – I have a feeling I used it in another project at some point in my childhood :-)

The little bloomers were from McCalls 6303.


I wish I could adequately show you the soft-and-fuzziness of this dress – it’s on the border between velour, jersey knit, and fleecy blanket material. The dress was made from McCall’s 6103, the headband and the panties were made from McCalls 6015.

M6103 is a nice pattern – it’s a standard no-frills, not-dumbed down, pattern for a onesie (and things that can be derived from onesies). I’m not sure if it’s really worth sewing onesies given how cheap they can be, but it was really nice to learn how they are constructed, so I’m really happy I did it. I went with the dress derivative because sending a handmade onesie just seemed less special :-)

The panties from M6015 are awesome! One piece of fabric went from flat to full panties in about 20 minutes (I didn’t do the bias tape casing they suggested). Perhaps the easiest thing I’ve made in a while. The flower on the headband actually came from the pattern for the petal dress – I was going to put it on the dress, but it seemed to big and bulky for it by the time I was done, so I put it here instead.


McCall’s 6303 – another straightforward and easy pattern. I originally was reluctant to buy it because I thought the crisscross in the back was weird, but decided to try it out anyway because it seemed unique. And it was a pleasant surprise! It went together quickly and easily and the bloomers are adorable (although I still like the panties from M6015 better).




Last but not least – baby skirts are so easy! This was a 36 inch length of fabric which I hemmed with lace on the bottom and an elastic casing on top. The little flowers came from the cute-bows-and-things aisle at Joann Fabrics.

I may not have enough restraint to refrain from making about 500 more of these for the poor child…





And some more pictures:

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