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Suzannah over at Adventures in Dressmaking and some fellow bloggers are running this thing called the “Nice to Meet You” series and this week they’re asking us to chime in about our favorite tools. They asked us to name 6 but, like Haeley from Design Improvised, I just couldn’t narrow it down. So here’s my top 10:

My favorite tools


1. Sewing Machine! This probably comes as no surprise, but my sewing machine is, without a doubt, my all time favorite toy. My current baby is the Singer 9960, she’s only a few months old and was even given to me by the best boyfriend in the world.

2. Serger – I didn’t know that I needed a serger until I got a serger and now I’m never going back. It makes finishing a dream, saves me tons of time, and made this crinoline possible.

3. Dremel – I used it a ton to make tiny holes in Lego for Love Brick by Brick, which unfortunately is in hiatus because medical school gets in the way, but I still use it and love it!

4. My Camera – I spend a lot of time prancing around in front of this camera in my backyard – I’m pretty sure my neighbors think I’m crazy.

5. Giant washers – Using pattern weights was a revelation for me after pinning all my patterns for years and years. But don’t buy expensive pattern weights when you can go to a hardware store and buy giant washers – they’re so much cheaper and I think they even work better.

6. Photoshop – I used Gimp for a long time before springing for photoshop, and now I’m never going back.

7. Tiny Clamps – these are great for hold little things when making things like jewelry, and also for “pinning” bias binding and working with materials that you can’t really pin.

8. Round nose pliers – Another revelation – when I couldn’t make wire loops, I thought I was just incompetent. But really I just needed a pair of these :-)

9. Sewing Scissors – I think every seamstress has a pair of scissors to be used only for fabric (any violation of this is punishable by death). My roommates have in the past had trouble with this concept, so I tend to use relatively cheap ones.

10. Seam Ripper – If you sew and you say you don’t need one of these, you’re lying. We all make mistakes :-)

And here’s the official stuff from Suzannah:

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So have fun thinking about your fave tools! Leave a comment here if you’re not up for linking or not a blogger!


  1. Great list! i would LOVE a serger, and the tip about washers as pattern weights- you just blew my mind!!! Nice to meet you!!

  2. Thanks so much for joining the link-up! I appreciate you going the extra mile and listing not 6, but 10. 😉

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