Happy Movember!

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I wanted to post this on November 1st, but unfortunately my regularly scheduled blogging got interrupted by two consecutive nights in the emergency room for dehydration. So I started November off all wrong, but that just means it can only get better from here!

I learned about Movember last year when my boyfriend participated in it. I can’t grow a mustache (and really I’m glad about that – I have no desire to grow any facial hair), but I think it’s a great movement to support. In medicine, we tend not to think about the differences in the way men and women approach their health care. But we do learn that men are less likely to seek medical attention or have regular medical check-ups and that they die on average 5 years earlier than women. So Movember is all about breaking the cultural barriers that make men more reluctant to seek healthcare by using ridiculous facial hair to raise awareness about the issues surrounding men’s health.

So go and grow a mustache! It’s not too late to start. Or if you want to donate, you can always donate on my mospace.

Or, you could just make a mustache pillow because it’s awesome! It was simple to make – I took some fur fabric, cut out two mustache shapes (pattern here) sewed them together, made a royal mess with all the fur (who knew it would shed?), stuffed it, and mailed it to my distressed-about-qualifying-exams boyfriend.

PS: If you try it at home, don’t mail it in a triangular box, the post office was rather bewildered by the idea. They did manage to get it to him, though.

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