Tiny Chairs

Posted on Aug 17, 2013 in Projects, Tech Shop, Tiny Dorms | 1 comment

Dorm chair 1 800I have a project in the works that has to do with building a 1/12 scale dorm room. There’s something inspiring about working with the blank slate of a dorm room. And since I can’t go back to my freshman year of college, I’m doing it in miniature instead. I started with the chair because I thought it would be the most difficult piece of furniture to produce. And here it is! Complete with terrifying rock-back feature – you know what I’m talking about former dorm-dwellers.

It was designed in Autodesk Inventor, vectorized, and laser cut from beautiful 1/8 inch cherry that Gad introduced me to at Techshop.

Seriously, TechShop makes me so happy.

Want to make your own? Download the PDF file here. I wanted to give you the illustrator file, but WordPress won’t let me upload it for “security reasons.”



1 Comment

  1. could add the illustrator file to a zip file and upload it then perhaps?

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