Tiny Dorms: The Blank Slate

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Dorm rooms are a special thing. For most college kids, our dorm room is our first time living away from home, our first time in full control of our own space to decorate and personalize and cram our entire lives into. It’s the ultimate blank slate – everyone starts with something identical: homogenous desks and dressers , blank white walls, plain windows, and empty closets. Yet once we’re all moved in, dorm rooms are all infused with personality in a pretty unique way. So call it a case of pathetic nostalgia, but I want to do it again :-). This time in 1/12 scale.

So here’s the blank slate! It was virtually entirely made on the laser cutter at my local TechShop. Scroll over and click on the blue dots for information and tutorials:

room 101_1_reduced


Desk Tutorial
Chair Tutorial
Bed Tutorial
Dresser Tutorial
Mattress Pattern

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