“Fiery Coral” is a Crazy Color for Shoes

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fiery coral shoes in progress_reducedWhat do you do when you want a pair of shoes in a really specific color (“Fiery Coral” to be exact), and the only thing you can find in that color is Satin Blanket Binding? Well, you find a way to make it work.

fiery coral converse_reduced

“Fiery Coral” Converses

When my boyfriend, Rob, and I decided we wanted to wear crazy-colored, matching converse sneakers at a wedding, we selected a color from the Converse website. I needed the shoes on short notice to get heels and make a dress to match, since I didn’t want to go to the ceremony in the sneakers. I picked them up from Nordstrom, which was the only place that had them in stock, and found them to be much brighter than on the converse website (see right).


With the shoes in tow, I went to every shoe store in Pittsburgh and found exactly zero pairs of heels in the same color. So I went to Joann Fabrics, with the shoe in the child seat of my cart (the joy of living within the borderline midwestern world of Pittsburgh is that total strangers actually comment, in a friendly way, if you do silly things like that). The only product they had to match was the satin blanket binding, so I decided to make it work.


fiery coral shoes before_reduced

The shoes before

I dug an old, yellowed pair of shoes out of my closet and set to turning them Fiery Coral. I’d seen tutorials around the internet about covering old shoes in new fabric just by removing the old soles, gluing the fabric on, and then gluing the soles back on. Well, that didn’t work. The soles of the shoes would not come off, at least not intact. The satin isn’t flexible at all, the pieces weren’t quite wide enough, and the glue didn’t hold anyway and created unsightly marks in the glossy surface. It would have been an excellent example of a pinterest fail.

So then I tried to wrap/pleat/fold full strips of the material around the shoes. I still couldn’t glue them on, so I hammered flathead dressmakers pins through the fabric and into the sole of the shoe. The soles of the shoe are pretty hard, so it wasn’t easy to get them all in, and resulted in a lot of mangled pins, but in the end it worked like a charm.

pin carnage_reduced

Pin carnage!

I secured the loose ends on the inside with duct tape, a combination of the regular silver kind and the new fabric duct tape you can find at craft stores. The end result isn’t the kind of shoe you can wear for years, but they held up great for the single day that I needed to wear them at the wedding. The dress was Simplicity 2212 and you can read more about it here.

fierycoral3_reducedfiery coral shoe_reduced


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