Itsy Bitsy Electronics – Miniature Nexus 5, iPad, Phone 5, and Ti-83+

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Another installation in the painfully slow progress for my Tiny Dorms project – tiny electronics! These proved harder to make than I’d planned, I blame the fact that technology has gotten far to small and thin in real life, which means you have to make them soooo tiny for miniature life. They were made by cutting the basic shapes on a laser cutter, engraving the back images with the laser cutter. I couldn’t get acrylic sheet thin enough, so I ended up cutting them with Delrin. The Delrin proved more prone to melting than acrylic and came scuffed and rolled up, so it was a bit frustrating to work with. The calculators are made with 1/16″ Delrin and the other pieces are all 1/32″ Delrin. I printed the screens on glossy sticker paper and carefully cut them out with an exacto knife. The close-up photography is a bit harsh on them, I swear they look better in real life :-)

Laser cutting, as usual, done at TechShop Pittsburgh!

Download the file to make your own (includes printables and the laser cutting templates):
PDF Template
Adobe Illustrator (.ai) Template

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