Simplicity 2212 – “Fiery Coral” is a hard to color match

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fierycoral2_reducedThis dress started out as a solitary, ridiculously bright, Converse sneaker roaming the aisles of Joann fabrics in the child seat of my shopping cart. I feel a certain pressure these days to show up to events in clothing I’ve made myself, and this was for the wedding of one of my boyfriends’ college buddies, so we wanted to do something fun and matchy. Somewhere in our conversations we came to the conclusion that matching converse sneakers would be appropriately silly, picked a color from the Converse website, and subsequently discovered that “fiery coral” is actually code for “neon coral” and is actually much brighter than the internet might lead you to believe.

I wanted a pair of matching heels to wear to the wedding and the dinner, with plans to change into the sneakers for dancing. Turns out, high heels don’t come in “fiery coral.” At least not at any shoe store in Pittsburgh. So that was a DIY project all on its own (which you can read about here).

After my endeavor in shoemaking, I still had to make a dress. By this point I realized the dress itself had to be muted, and while I don’t usually wear black to weddings, I decided a little black dress was the only way to make this work. The dress is Simplicity 2212 with a only few modifications – I made the godets slightly wider and added them at the end, after debating for days on what kind of fabric to use for them, rather than before attaching the skirt to the bodice as the pattern requested. I also skipped the boning, mostly because I didn’t have any on hand, and it didn’t seem to suffer for it. I’m not a very busty girl, so the bodice ended up being a little large for me, but that was easily resolved by placing the buttons about two inches further along the strap.

I used a splash of coral stretch satin for the lining and added a pair of hotpants to the ensemble (which were actually an afterthought because I didn’t want the lace godets to make the dress toooo scandalous). The conveniently matching buttons arrived just in time as one of my perks from the Knit The Bridge indiegogo campaign. The dress isn’t my favorite or best fitted production ever, but overall it was wearable (and I ran out of time).

The shoes were a hit at the wedding. We were pretty proud of ourselves :-). Excuse my beat up legs, I got in a fight with a thorn bush on a rock climbing trip.

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