Undersized Urbanite Contest

Posted on Feb 2, 2014 in Tiny Dorms | 1 comment


I’ve decided to enter the Tiny Dorm into a contest! I discovered the Undersized Urbanite contest when I happened upon MiniModPod‘s blog today, and I’m enchanted enough by the name of the contest to be sold right off the bat.

What’s more is, since this is my first endeavor into miniaturing, I get to be in the “Newbie” category and don’t have to compete with the incredible bloggers that have been doing this forever.

In any case, I’m less in it to win it, more in it for the opportunity to share my work and be motivated to stay at it even when it gets tedious (and to get it done by May 5th) :-).



1 Comment

  1. Hi Julia. I stumbled across your blog when I Google-d laser cut miniatures. Really diggin’ the dorm and everything you’ve made so far. Thanks for adding links to the laser files. That very kind of you to share. Good luck with the contest =0)

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