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Undersized Urbanite Contest

Posted on Feb 2, 2014 in Tiny Dorms


I’ve decided to enter the Tiny Dorm into a contest! I discovered the Undersized Urbanite contest when I happened upon MiniModPod‘s blog today, and I’m enchanted enough by the name of the contest to be sold right off the bat.

What’s more is, since this is my first endeavor into miniaturing, I get to be in the “Newbie” category and don’t have to compete with the incredible bloggers that have been doing this forever.

In any case, I’m less in it to win it, more in it for the opportunity to share my work and be motivated to stay at it even when it gets tedious (and to get it done by May 5th) :-).



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Itsy Bitsy Electronics – Miniature Nexus 5, iPad, Phone 5, and Ti-83+

Posted on Jan 19, 2014 in Projects, Tech Shop, Tiny Dorms


Another installation in the painfully slow progress for my Tiny Dorms project – tiny electronics! These proved harder to make than I’d planned, I blame the fact that technology has gotten far to small and thin in real life, which means you have to make them soooo tiny for miniature life. They were made by cutting the basic shapes on a laser cutter, engraving the back images with the laser cutter. I couldn’t get acrylic sheet thin enough, so I ended up cutting them with Delrin. The Delrin proved more prone to melting than acrylic and came scuffed and rolled up, so it was a bit frustrating to work with. The calculators are made with 1/16″ Delrin and the other pieces are all 1/32″ Delrin. I printed the screens on glossy sticker paper and carefully cut them out with an exacto knife. The close-up photography is a bit harsh on them, I swear they look better in real life :-)

Laser cutting, as usual, done at TechShop Pittsburgh!

Download the file to make your own (includes printables and the laser cutting templates):
PDF Template
Adobe Illustrator (.ai) Template

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Tiny Dorms: Fridge and Microwave

Posted on Jan 4, 2014 in Projects, Tech Shop, Tiny Dorms

My tiny college kids got themselves a tiny fridge and microwave. It’s made of Delrin, because I wasn’t able to get 1/16″ white acrylic. The Delrin was a novel experience for me – it’s virtually impossible to glue and the piece that I bought from McMaster was warped and scratched up, so construction wasn’t exactly… easy. But it came together in the end! It stands a little under 3 inches tall.

fridge2 reduced

The eggs, cream cheese, butter, Stouffer’s frozen dinner, and large milk carton came from Ann Vanture’s Paper Minis. The Chinese takeout and small milk carton are from Toni Ellison’s blog. The miniature light bulb is a screw base bulb from Cir-Kit Concepts.

I’ll post the cutting files and tutorial once I’ve formatted them better :-)

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Tiny Dorms: The Blank Slate

Posted on Dec 28, 2013 in Projects, Tech Shop, Tiny Dorms

Dorm rooms are a special thing. For most college kids, our dorm room is our first time living away from home, our first time in full control of our own space to decorate and personalize and cram our entire lives into. It’s the ultimate blank slate – everyone starts with something identical: homogenous desks and dressers , blank white walls, plain windows, and empty closets. Yet once we’re all moved in, dorm rooms are all infused with personality in a pretty unique way. So call it a case of pathetic nostalgia, but I want to do it again :-). This time in 1/12 scale.

So here’s the blank slate! It was virtually entirely made on the laser cutter at my local TechShop. Scroll over and click on the blue dots for information and tutorials:

room 101_1_reduced


Desk Tutorial
Chair Tutorial
Bed Tutorial
Dresser Tutorial
Mattress Pattern

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Tiny Chairs

Posted on Aug 17, 2013 in Projects, Tech Shop, Tiny Dorms

Dorm chair 1 800I have a project in the works that has to do with building a 1/12 scale dorm room. There’s something inspiring about working with the blank slate of a dorm room. And since I can’t go back to my freshman year of college, I’m doing it in miniature instead. I started with the chair because I thought it would be the most difficult piece of furniture to produce. And here it is! Complete with terrifying rock-back feature – you know what I’m talking about former dorm-dwellers.

It was designed in Autodesk Inventor, vectorized, and laser cut from beautiful 1/8 inch cherry that Gad introduced me to at Techshop.

Seriously, TechShop makes me so happy.

Want to make your own? Download the PDF file here. I wanted to give you the illustrator file, but WordPress won’t let me upload it for “security reasons.”



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