Pattern: 1/12 Scale Miniature Mattress

This is a miniature mattress designed to fit the bed in my miniature dorm room. Its final dimensions are approximately 6 inches by 3 inches. I’m not sure if there’s a standard dollhouse mattress size, so if you’re planning to put it on a different bed, adjust the dimensions accordingly.

Sorry I don’t have a picture tutorial, I made them before planning to write a tutorial, but you can download the pattern below and hopefully the written instructions are helpful enough!

bed 2 reduced

What You Will Need:

  • Fabric (roughly 8″ x 12″ is all you need)
  • 1/2″ foam (6″ x 3″ piece)
  • Batting for quilting (6″ x 3″ piece)
  • 1 yard of piping to match your fabric (I used this, it has a 3/8″ lip to match the pattern seam allowances)
  • Needle and Thread
  • A sewing machine that can make stitch patterns
  • Download the pattern here


  1. Cut out the pieces as shown in the pattern
  2. Cut the piping into two 18″ lengths and sew it onto the right side of each long edge of the strip of fabric you cut. The raw (non-pipey) edge should line up with the the raw edges of the fabric.
  3. Sandwich the piece of batting between two of the fabric pieces and baste it in place
  4. Find a stitch on your sewing machine that looks like a mattress-like pattern. stitch patternI used stitch number 71 on my beloved SINGER 9960, set to the widest setting. Test it out on some scraps of fabric and batting first to make sure you’re getting the look you want. When you’re ready, sew evenly spaced lines of it up down the entire length of the mattress piece. Remove the basting stitches you put in earlier
  5. Take the long strip with the piping and with right sides together, start sewing the long strip all the way around the edge of the mattress piece, taking care to make your stitches as close to the piping as possible. I wasn’t able to do this with my sewing machine and ended up hand sewing it, but if you can more power to you! Overlap the end of the piping when you reach your starting spot to hide any raw edges.
  6. Take the piece of fabric without the quilting pattern and start sewing the other piped edge to it in the same way (your mattress should be inside out at this point). This time, leave a gap big enough to squeeze your foam piece through.
  7. Turn the mattress right side out through the gap you left open, insert the piece of foam, and carefully oversew the gap. And you’re done!

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