Tutorial: 1/12 Scale Dorm Room Desk

desk 1_reduced

I made this using the laser cutter at the Pittsburgh TechShop, but I imagine it would be possible to cut the pieces with a scroll saw or if you are exceptionally talented with a hand saw.

What you will need:

    • 1/8 inch wood (I used cherry from Ocooch Hardwoods)
    • Wood glue and a way to use it apply it in itty bitty amounts (I use toothpicks and a glue syringe)
    • A laser cutter or some other way to cut small pieces of wood precisely
    • Small square blocks to keep your work square (lego bricks work beautifully)
    • If you want to add the cork board, it was just a piece of adhesive cork from the Joann Fabrics scrapbooking section that I cut down to size after the fact.

Cutting Templates:

Download the PDF here

Download the SVG version here




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  1. What are the exact dimensions of these pieces?

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